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Detaching from a situation while in it

By Prema Sankar  All of us have our issues or disagreements with certain people or situations, which we address as our “problems”. How much so ever we try to run away from these “problems”, they eventually hit us and hit … Continue reading

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Stress and Sadhana

By Prema Sankar This is quite a personal journey and I am intending to write it in as detached and generic manner as possible so that I can myself look back and apply it in other situations in life. I … Continue reading

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7th day of a Vipassana Course

I have no words to start. Sitting from 2:30-3:30 in addithanna (no-movement) was a revelation today. Probably started on the dot or a minute or so late. I followed the instructions of Guruji to let my awareness travel from head … Continue reading

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Complete Acceptance

By Zalina Gamat At the end of the two-semester course that I attended in IPI from September 2015 to April 2016, one of the last tasks that we were assigned was to write appreciation notes to each other. We were … Continue reading

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Letting Go & Letting God

By Prema Sankar First I would like to address God and my inhibition to use the word God. In my day-to-day conversations it is so much easier to use the so-called curse words than to mention God. Instead convenient words … Continue reading

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A reflection on life

Highway – ek selfie aar paar — A Marathi film by Umesh Kulkarni A Reflection on Life by Sakshi Tandon Highway is a film about the journey undertaken by various travellers in separate vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune highway. Each one is … Continue reading

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