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A Christmas Story

This story was read aloud on the US National Public Radio show, “This American Life.” *********** Well, it all began at Christmas two years ago when my daughter was four-years-old. And it was the first time that she had ever … Continue reading

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Where is Martin Neimoller?

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Trump was a “harbinger of the Apocalypse” and the return of Jesus was imminent. “Now we have a man of God back in the White House, Jesus Christ will soon return,” said Robertson. “Sure, he’ll massacre … Continue reading

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Midnight stories

Late last night my brother reached out to me to chat. Unsure of his way forward professionally, he mumbled that the endless advice from those concerned was only confusing him. “Why are you listening to them then?”, I asked comfortably … Continue reading

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Drunken dancing

In a home built for all each brick insists his red’s the best. A test laughs uncontrollably teasing time in it’s face: How many games will we play how many robes will I change before your toys trade their nervous … Continue reading

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Gazing at fear

A hairline crack in the idyll Würzburg, Munich, Reutlingen, Ansbach – some dead, some injured, many scared. Four outbreaks of violence within six days, partly rampage, partly religiously motivated terror, in places not far from where I live. No more … Continue reading

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Shifting authority from outside to inside

I have spent a lot of energy in trying to grapple with a sense of guilt. The reason is that a few years ago I ventured to break the norm, and swim against the tide. I had my reasons for … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Cycle Maintenance

A few days ago I rented a cycle for the coming three months. The most beautiful cycle I ever had. She is incredibly heavy, rusty and greasy but all of that doesn’t matter. Have a look at her to convince … Continue reading

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Why do we need Indian Psychology?

When modern psychology discovered in the beginning of the 20th century that introspection was not a very reliable method of enquiry, it did not discover anything new. The Indian civilization had discovered this thousands of years ago. What was different … Continue reading

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