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Photo of Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar K. Salagame, Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, University of Mysore, India. Kiran Kumar is also a Honorary Professor, International Academy for Yoga Teacher Training and Member, Scientific Board, International Society for Interdisciplinary Yoga Research, Belgrade; Visiting Professor and Member Academic Council, Swami Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore; a Fellow of the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists; Associate Editor of Psychological Studies; Editorial Board member-International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, Journal of Transpersonal Research and Indian Journal of Positive Psychology. His publications include Psychology of Meditation: A Contextual Approach 

Kiran Kumar can be reached at kikusk@gmail.com

Indian Psychology related articles


  • Salagame, Kiran Kumar (2010). Indian indigenous concepts and perspectives: Developments and future possibilities.
  • Salagame, Kiran Kumar (2008). Indian thought and tradition: A psychohistorical perspective.
  • The chapter examines the different senses of "Indian psychology". It also discusses the basic concepts and constructs and presents a well-rounded historical introduction. The development of Indian psychology is traced from the Vedic times to the present day, looking for some commonality between disparate thought systems.

  • Salagame, Kiran Kumar (2002). Psychology of meditation: Theory and practice.
  • The article gives an overview of (mainly Western) research on and practical advice for the early stages of meditation in the context of modern life.

  • Salagame, Kiran Kumar (2001). Contextual approach to meditation and integral psychology.
  • This article delves deeper into the spiritual dimension of yoga and meditation and explores the real meaning of these terms from the viewpoint of serious practitioners and researchers.