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Neeltje Huppes was born in the Netherlands. After post graduation in the sixties, she taught in a progressive school and at a young age became a member of a special Commission set up by the Dutch Government to revamp education in Secondary schools. Her search for in depth innovation led her to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The urge to live in India increased and in the seventies she came to Pondicherry. She lived for fifteen years in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch where she founded, together with Matthijs Cornelissen, a Research Centre for Integral Education, focusing mainly on teacher education. The urge for a more intense inner quest brought her back to Pondicherry where she is presently teaching in the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. She wrote Psychic Education, a Workbook. New-Delhi: SAES (2001). She has lectured in India and abroad on various aspects of Integral Psychology. In February 2006 she opened together with Matthijs Cornelissen the Indian Psychology Institute.


Neeltje can be reached at neeltje@auromail.net

    Indian Psychology related books

  1. Huppes, Neeltje (2017). Indian Psychology: an experiential approach
  2. Huppes, Neeltje (2004). Psychic Education: A workbook based on the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (bk).
  3. This book was initially meant as a practical guide for teachers and trainees at Mirambika, the Free Progress unit of the Sri Aurobindo Education Society at New Delhi. Over time it has, however, proven invaluable for many others who are not directly involved in education, but who are serious about their spiritual growth, and who want to implement spirituality in their daily life and work.

    Indian Psychology related articles

  4. Huppes, Neeltje (2011). Teaching Indian Psychology — Challenges and Prospects: An application-oriented paper.
  5. This paper discusses some of the ways and means related to content and process of teaching Indian Psychology. It also addresses the question regarding how to give consciousness its rightful place when we bring Indian psychology back into the classroom.

  6. Huppes, Neeltje (2011). Integral education: An application of Indian psychology
  7. A short, but comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of Integral Education as practised in Mirambika.

  8. Huppes, Neeltje (2010). Emerging Concerns and Procedures Related to Education of Values: The Vision of Sri Aurobindo.
  9. This article bases itself on the ideas of Sri Aurobindo. It talks about the developmental model of education based on universal principles such as self-awareness and self-development of the students and the teachers.

  10. Huppes, Neeltje (2008). Workshop teaching psychology: The methodology of an integrated approach.
  11. This article is a practical guide for a workshop that explores a new way to understand and teach psychology. It states the importance for change in the objectives and methods of psychology education.

  12. Huppes, Neeltje (2005). The evolving soul, a key concept in Sri Aurobindo's work: Its ramifications for further development of human potential and Indian Psychology.
  13. This chapter elucidates some of the deepest and highest horizons of mankind based on Sri Aurobindo's vision. Sri Aurobindo foresaw new possibilities for the human instrument and developed techniques for the further development of human potential. The evolving soul or psychic being has an important role in this new development.