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Vladimir Iatsenko is a Sanskrit teacher in Auroville from 1993, working at Savitri Bhavan. He graduated in Sanskrit and General Linguistics from St.Petersburg University, Russia and studied Panini Ashtadhyayi in Puna University in 1991-92. He is a life-member of BORI in Pune. Since 2007 Vladimir teaches a fascinating class on the psychological aspects of the Rig Veda at IPI.


vladimir can be reached at vlad@auroville.org.in

Indian Psychology related articles


  • Iatsenko, Vladimir (2008). Vedic Studies: Hymns to Indra, RV 5.29 - 5.34.
  • Here are posted the various hymns that are studied at the weekly class held at IPI by Vladimir.

  • Iatsenko, Vladimir (2001). Sanjnana, ajnana, vijnana, prajnana.