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- (2001) -- Second International Conference on Integral Psychology, Pondicherry, January 2001
- (2002) -- National Conference on Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology, Pondicherry, September 2002
- (2004) -- National Conference on Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness, Pondicherry, December 2004
- (2007) -- National Seminar on Indian Psychology: Theory and Models, Bangalore, December 2007


  1. NB. -- Texts by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are on the Integral Yoga page.**
  2. Agarwal, Adesh -- Nishkama Karmayog and Anasakti; Motivation for Self Realization* (P-2004)
  3. Agarwal, Adesh -- Spritual and Subjective Well-Being in Indian Tradition and Contemporary Psychology* (P-2002)
  4. Ahi, Sneha -- Silence and Healing* (B-2007)
  5. Akhter, Jamal -- Indian Psychology and Practical Applications of Yoga* (P-2002)
  6. Anand, Jyoti -- Theory of Karma and Psychological Healing** (P-2004)
  7. Anand, Jyoti -- What is Psychological Healing? Towards Identifying its Salient Attributes* (B-2007)
  8. Anjali, R.L. -- An Analysis Of the Concept of Lalan-Palan as Directing Mother Baby Interactions* (P-2004)
  9. Anjali, R.L. -- Transmission of Values or Transition in Values?* (B-2007)
  10. Annalakshmi, N. -- Integral Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Disturbances of Mind, Body and Vital among Adolescents* (P-2004)
  11. Arora, Neeta -- Critical Consciousness* (B-2007)
  12. Arun, B.K. -- The Invisible Synthesis of Eastern and Western Managerial Thoughts Through the Subtle Principles of Yoga- An Empirical Study* (B-2007)
  13. Ashar, Haresh -- Study of Metropolitan Psychology and Managing Occupational Stress through Yogic Techniques* (B-2007)
  14. Auluck, Shanti -- Psychology in need of paradigm change** (B-2007)
    The article is a general introduction to Indian Psychology. It discusses the various implications it has in the current field of psychology.
  15. Auluck, Shanti -- Swabhava and swadharma of students and educators, concerns about individualized and value oriented education** (P-2004)
  16. Babu, Victor K. -- Human Relationships In Yoga: Sri Aurobindo's Perspective* (B-2007)
  17. Bajpai, Reena -- Concept and Role of Kriya yoga in Patanjala Yoga Sutra* (B-2007)
  18. Bala, Indu -- Vipassana: A Practical Approach for Mental Peace* (B-2007)
  19. Balakrishnan, R. -- Yoga Attitude and USHA Well-being among Yoga practicioners* (P-2004)
  20. Baniwal, Vikas -- Chariots of the Gods: A Study of Vahan in Indian Mythology* (B-2007)
  21. Bashyam, S. -- Models for Intellectual Development from Patanjali Yoga Sutram, Bhagvad Gita and Taittiriya Upanishad* (B-2007)
  22. Basu, Arabinda -- Sri Aurobindo’s metaphysical psychology: a brief introduction** (P-2001)
  23. Basu, Soumitra -- Evolution of Cognitive Consciousness* (P-2002)
  24. Basu, Soumitra -- Integral psychotherapy: personal encounters** (P-2001)
  25. Basu, Soumitra -- The Cosmic Consciousness- Sri Aurobindo's Perspective in The Life Divine* (B-2007)
  26. Basu, Soumitra -- The Place of Ego in Sri Aurobindo’s Psychological System* (P-2004)
  27. Basu, Srila -- Journey of a Teacher* (B-2007)
  28. Basu, Srila -- Reflective Practices in elementary education* (B-2007)
  29. Batra, Poonam -- Education for Social Transformation: Recognising the ‘Agency’ of the Teacher** (P-2004)
  30. Batra, Tripta -- Peace Education, Self Development and Teacher Education* (P-2004)
  31. Baveja, Bharati -- Reflective Practices In Teacher Education* (B-2007)
  32. Baveja, Bharati -- Teacher Education in India: Towards an Alternative Framework* (P-2004)
  33. Bhatt, S.R. -- Pure Cognition: Philosophical Analysis from Nyaya Point of View* (P-2004)
  34. Bhatt, S.R. -- Pure Cognition: Psychological Fact or Logical Myth* (B-2007)
  35. Bhawuk, Dharm P.S. -- Manas in Yajur Veda, Bhagavad-Gita, and Contemporary Culture: Beyond the Etic-Emic Research Paradigm* (B-2007)
  36. Bhosale, Sushama Jayant -- Application of Indian Philosophy ,Yoga and Spirituality to Psychology as an academic Science* (P-2004)
  37. Bhushan, Braj -- Cognition & Consciousness Research: Integrating Science & Spirituality* (P-2004)
  38. Bijlani, R.L. -- A Spiritual Approach to Cognitive Therapy* (B-2007)
  39. Bijlani, R.L. -- The yogic view of life with a special reference to medicine* (P-2002)
  40. Brownstein, Arthur -- Mind-Body Interactions in Health and Healing: a Yogic Perspective** (P-2004)
  41. Chaudhary, Anshu -- Un-bounding the bonding: the search for the meaning of marriage* (B-2007)
  42. Chaudhary, P.N. -- Indigenous Indian Psychology: Whether modulative or generative orientation* (P-2002)
  43. Chauhan, Gargi Singh -- A Teacher's Words, Motivation for Self-Knowledge and Self-Development* (P-2004)
  44. Chaya, M.S. -- Dimensions of Indian diet and their role in modifying the Psychological aspects of the personality* (B-2007)
  45. Choudry, Anuradha -- The Legend of the Angirasa Rishis and the Lost Cows** (P-2004)
    The article bases itself on the psycho-spiritual interpretation of the Vedas as given by Sri Aurobindo. It examines in particular the famous Vedic legend of the Angirasa Rishis and the lost cows.
  46. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- In Defence of Rigorous Subjectivity** (2007)
    Article based on a keynote given at the Annual Conference of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the BPS in 2007
  47. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Integrality** (2002)
    An informal talk given at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Fransisco, linking the concept of integrality back to the Sanskrit word "purna" (April 2002)
  48. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Introducing Indian Psychology, the Basics** (P-2001)
  49. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Introduction to Consciousness and Its Transformation** (P-2001)
  50. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Onward she passed� Rejection as described in Savitri** (2003)
    The article takes examples from �Savitri�, a book by Sri Aurobindo, to explain the concept of �rejection�, one of the three main skills needed for any true spiritual endeavour. It traces the crucial role played by �rejection� in the yoga of Ashwapati and Savitri.
  51. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Sri Aurobindo, A short biography** (2009)
  52. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- The Integration of Psychological Knowledge from the Spiritual Traditions in the Psychology Curriculum** (2000)
    A paper published in the journal of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology section of the British Psychological Society (August 2000)
  53. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Towards an Integral Epistemology of Consciousness: A radical proposal based on Sri Aurobindo's work** (2001)
    A paper presented at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore during a conference on Consciousness and Evolution (June 2001)
  54. Cornelissen, Matthijs -- Yoga as research method* (B-2007)
  55. Cortright, Brant -- Integral psychotherapy as existential Vedanta** (P-2001)
  56. Cortright, Brant -- The Meeting of East and West: The Fusion of Vedanta and Western Psychology in Integral Psychology* (P-2002)
  57. Daftuar, C.N. -- A New Approach to Measure Spiritual Quotient (SQ)* (P-2002)
  58. Daftuar, C.N. -- Spirit, Mind and Body Connection (a new field for research in psychology)* (P-2002)
  59. Dalal, A.S. -- Reversal of consciousness, thoughts on the psychology of the new birth** (P-2001)
  60. Dalal, A.S. -- Sri Aurobindo on Cosmic Consciousness: An Integral View** (P-2004)
    The article mainly focuses on the theme of cosmic consciousness as presented by Sri Aurobindo in his writings.
  61. Dalal, Ajit K. -- Folk Wisdom and Traditional Healing Practices: Some Lessons for Modern Psychotherapies* (P-2004)
  62. Dalal, Ajit K. -- Indigenous belief system and its linkages with mental and physical health* (B-2007)
  63. Dash, A.S. -- Methods of Study in Indian Psychology** (P-2004)
  64. Dash, A.S. & Rout, Mamata -- Indian Concepts of Personality* (P-2002)
  65. Deo, Jay Mangal -- Buddhist Approach to Emotional Management* (P-2002)
  66. Deo, Savita -- Addictive Personality and its Counterpart in Indian Psychology* (P-2002)
  67. Deo, Savita -- Buddhism on Human Personality: Psychological Response to Dhukkha* (B-2007)
  68. Deo, Savita -- Personality Types: Indian and Western* (P-2004)
  69. Deuskar, M. -- Yoga Nidra and Stress Reduction* (P-2002)
  70. Devaki, P. Baby -- Emotional Intelligence and Indian Thought* (P-2004)
  71. Dhingra, Niti -- Furthering Integration between Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychotherapy* (B-2007)
  72. Dilipkumar, K.V. -- Ayurvedic perspective of psychotherapy* (B-2007)
  73. Dokkupalle, Saroja -- Effect of behaviour, hypno and spiritual therapies on management of anxiety neurosis* (P-2004)
  74. Dolichan, Kollarath M. -- Human Models and Developmental Efforts* (B-2007)
  75. Dubey, S.N. -- Yogic Life Style of Indians* (P-2004)
  76. Dutia, Asha -- Aesthetics of Change: How family therapy works* (P-2004)
  77. Dwivedi, Shweta -- Yoga an Important Process in the Education of Human Beings* (P-2004)
  78. Dwivedi, Shweta -- Yoga and Yogic Knowledge Past and Present* (B-2007)
  79. Elamurugan, V.S. -- Yoga, Liberation and Transformation, Health and Healing** (P-2004)
  80. Fernandes, Jacksan John -- Influence of Personality on Religiosity and Paranormal Experiences * (B-2007)
  81. Gala, Jigisha -- Coping With Stress Among Indian Adolescents Belonging to the High Income Group** (P-2004)
  82. Gangopadhyay, Mugdha -- Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Strategy: Implication of Indian Psychology* (P-2004)
  83. Ganguli, Devdip -- The Adventure of Consciousness: India's spiritual evolution* (P-2004)
  84. Gaur, Aditi -- Symbols of Life and Death* (B-2007)
  85. Gaur, B.P. -- Effect of Preksha Meditation on Management of Stress in Teen Agers* (P-2004)
  86. Gaur, Sunil D. -- Rethinking Well Being* (B-2007)
  87. Gaur, Sunil D. -- Why Am I Here? Towards an Indigenous Psychology of Motivation* (P-2004)
  88. Goswami, Ayushman -- Yoga, Meditation and Education: A way of character building** (P-2004)
  89. Goswami, Ayushman -- Yogata Karmasu Kaushalam* (P-2002)
  90. Gunusekaran, M. -- Improving the Cognitive Functions in the Language Learning Area of Learning Disability Children through Yoga* (P-2002)
  91. Gupta, Monica -- Revitalizing Developmental Psychology: Exploring Sri Aurobindo's Discourse on Human Development* (P-2002)
  92. Gupta, R.K. -- Individualized Familial Self: An Empirically Based Conceptualization of the Evolving Self of Professionally Educated Elite in a Developing Country* (P-2002)
  93. Hargiss, Dennis -- Integral phenomenology: a method for the “new psychology”, the study of mysticism and the sacred** (P-2001)
  94. Henry, Jane -- Developing creativity** (P-2001)
  95. Huppes, Neeltje -- All Life is Yoga — Applying Integral Psychology in Personal Life and Work* (B-2007)
  96. Huppes, Neeltje -- Emerging Concerns and Procedures Related to Education of Values: The Vision of Sri Aurobindo**
  97. Huppes, Neeltje -- Workshop teaching psychology:The methodology of an integrated approach**
  98. Husain, Akbar -- Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi's Viewpoint on the Concepts of Normality and Abnormality* (P-2002)
  99. Iatsenko, Vladimir -- Bhartrihari and the Theory of Sphota* (P-2002)
  100. Iatsenko, Vladimir -- Sanjnana, ajnana, vijnana, prajnana** (P-2001)
  101. Iatsenko, Vladimir -- Vedantic Approach to Consciousness: Some metaphysical background* (P-2004)
  102. Iatsenko, Vladimir -- Vedic Studies: Hymns to Indra, RV 5.29 -5.34** (2008)
  103. Isaac, Beena -- Meditation — an absolutized consciousness* (B-2007)
  104. Jagannathan, S. -- Cultural Education: It ’s Role in Integral Development of Engineering Students* (B-2007)
  105. Javed, Aquib -- Yogic-Force in the Mind and Body Consciousness* (P-2002)
  106. Jha, Arbind Kumar -- Learning Paradigm: Indian Tradition* (P-2004)
  107. Jha, Arbind Kumar -- The Individual in Indian Thought System: Implications for Indian Psychology and Education* (B-2007)
  108. Jha, Shalini Duggal -- A Study of Positive Psychological Characteristics: Relationship between Life Satisfaction, Grit, Gratitude, Happiness and Meaning in Life* (B-2007)
  109. Jha, V.N. -- Nyaya Vaisesika ways of perceiving the world* (P-2004)
  110. Jha, V.N. -- Nyaya-Vaisesika Theory of Mind (manas) and the Conscious (atman)* (B-2007)
  111. Joshi, Anuradha -- Learning to Live, an overview of Jeevan Vidya* (P-2004)
  112. Kanuri, Ramanakumar -- The influence of Consciousness on the Science of Management* (P-2004)
  113. Kanuri, Ramanakumar -- The Relationship between the Real and Apparent in the light of MeherBaba* (B-2007)
  114. Kapadia, Mala -- Indian Psychology or Greater Psychology & Era of Emotional Intelligence* (B-2007)
  115. Kapur, Preeti -- Spirituality is Empirical: Some Insights from the Sikh Tradition* (B-2007)
  116. Kashyap, R.L. -- Psychological Ideas in the Veda and Their Relevance for Moderns* (P-2004)
  117. Kashyap, R.L. -- Psychology in the Rig Veda and Yajur Veda Mantras* (P-2002)
  118. Khalsa, Sat Bir -- Yoga as a Clinical Intervention for Psychological Conditions* (P-2004)
  119. Khan, Abdul Majeed -- Family, Migration and Ageing: A new Perspective of Health Psychology* (P-2004)
  120. Khubalkar, Rupashree -- Psycho-Physiological Effects of Integral Meditation* (P-2002)
  121. Khubalkar, Rupashree -- Psycho-Physiological effects of Integral Meditation * (P-2004)
  122. Kirmani, Mustafa Nadeem -- Rituals as part of Therapeutic Systems in India* (P-2002)
  123. Kothari, Saroj -- Yoga and Health* (P-2002)
  124. Krishnan, Lilavathi -- Interpersonal Dynamics in Indian Psychology* (B-2007)
  125. Kulkarni-Bhangaonkar, Rachna -- Decoding ‘Antim Sanskaar’ (Hindu Death Rites): Insights on Cultural Continuity from Hindu, Maharashtrian Families* (B-2007)
  126. Kumar, Aswani -- Oneness of God: Psychological Reflections on the Communal Problems in India* (B-2007)
  127. Kumar, Kuldeep -- Faith in the Doctrine of Karma: Effect on Psychological Well Being and Life Satisfaction* (B-2007)
  128. Kumar, Navin -- Yoga Nidra: A Psychotherapeutic Tool For Stress Management* (B-2007)
  129. Kumar, Prema Nanda -- Strengthening the Psyche: the Savitri way* (P-2004)
  130. Kumar, S.K. Kiran -- Contextual approach to meditation and integral psychology** (P-2001)
  131. Kumar, S.K. Kiran -- Issues and Problems of Assessment in Consciousness Research* (P-2004)
  132. Kumari, Krishna -- The Application of Indian Philosphy and Yoga to contemporary issues in psychology* (B-2007)
  133. Lakshmi, L. Bhagya -- Hatha Yoga and Health (LBL)* (B-2007)
  134. Lekshmi, R. -- Swami Vivekananda’s Vision of Man and His Excellence: A Psychophilosophical Approach* (B-2007)
  135. Lim, Shin Sang -- Spiritual Journey in Inter Religious Discourse: Surrendering Self in Bhakti and Christian Mysticism* (B-2007)
  136. Madan, Ranjana -- Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation in the Light of the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother* (P-2002)
  137. Madan, Ranjana -- Managing Self by Detached Involvement** (P-2004)
  138. Mahendran, P. -- Effect of Yoga Practice - "The Art of Living" - on the Subjective Well-being of the General Population* (P-2002)
  139. Maitreya, C.V.K. -- Management of Spiritual Organisations: An ideal approach using Indian concepts* (P-2004)
  140. Malik, Pravir -- The Flowering of Arvind Eye Care System* (P-2002)
  141. Manickam, L. Sam S. -- Integrative Change Model in Psychotherapy: Perspectives from Indian Thought* (P-2004)
  142. Manjunath, N.K. -- Changes in the Depression System Scores and Self-rated Sleep of Institutionalised Elderly Persons Following Yoga and Ayurvedic Interventions* (P-2002)
  143. Manohar, P. Ram -- Ayurvedic approach to treating disorders of the mind* (B-2007)
  144. Marwaha, Sonali Bhatt -- Perspectives of Belief Systems on Concept of Self* (B-2007)
  145. Maslow, Jan -- Insight dialogue session** (P-2001)
  146. Mathew, V. George -- An Integrative Model of Personality and Personal Growth** (P-2004)
  147. Mathew, V. George -- Integrative Approach to Psychology* (P-2002)
  148. Mathew, V. George -- Models of consciousness and its transformation** (P-2001)
  149. Mathew, V. George -- The Psychology of Spirituality and Yoga* (B-2007)
  150. Mathur, Shalini -- Evolution of Recent Management Tools from Ancient Vedic Philosophy* (B-2007)
  151. Mehra, Beloo -- Individualised and Collaborative Learning: Towards Integral Studies Curriculum at AUM** (P-2004)
  152. Mendiratta, Ankita -- Integral Education: Learning through Self** (P-2004)
  153. Menon, Sangeetha -- Beside the intentor and the integrator: looking at two faces of consciousness** (P-2001)
  154. Menon, Sangeetha -- Epistemology of Experience: Challenges for consciousness and neuropsychiatric studies* (B-2007)
  155. Menon, Sangeetha -- Healing through love, debate and just being: Instances from Indian traditions* (P-2004)
  156. Minhas, L.S. -- An Indian Theory of Music and Its Impact on Human Mind* (P-2002)
  157. Miovic, Michael -- Towards a spiritual psychology: bridging psychodynamic psychotherapy with integral yoga** (P-2001)
  158. Mishra, Gyandeep -- A study of effect of Pranic Healing (Prana Therapy) on Blood pressure and alpha EEG* (B-2007)
  159. Mishra, Kalyani -- Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation (KM)* (P-2002)
  160. Mishra, Nidhi -- Perception of Old Age among the Elderly* (B-2007)
  161. Mishra, Prafulla K.S. -- Aesthetic Experiences (Relish of Rasas) in different frameworks* (P-2004)
  162. Mishra, Preeti -- Abnormality: Symbolism in the Bhagavad-Gita* (B-2007)
  163. Mishra, Preeti -- Re-Conceptualizing "Self": exploring the possibilities of an East-West synthesis** (P-2004)
  164. Misra, Girishwar -- Emotion in Modern Psychology and Indian Thought* (P-2002)
  165. Misra, Girishwar -- Understanding Causality In Psychology and Indian Thought: Some Methodological and Applied Implications* (P-2004)
  166. Misra, Nishi -- Application of Yoga in the Management of Stress-Related Illnesses* (P-2002)
  167. Misra, Santa -- Spirituality and peace* (B-2007)
  168. Mohan, G. Aruna -- Self-Awareness of the Teacher Develops a Holistic Approach to Education (J. Krishnamurti's Perspective)** (P-2004)
  169. Mohan, G. Aruna -- Thought and Sans Thought in Holistic Living of Learners* (B-2007)
  170. Mohan, K. Krishna -- Spirituality and well-being: an overview** (P-2001)
  171. Mohan, K. Krishna -- Spirituality,Mental Health and Psychotherapy* (P-2004)
  172. Mohan, Radha -- Hypnotherapy as a Psychotherapeutic Tool to Transformation* (P-2004)
  173. Mohanty, Alok -- Need For Self Awareness and Reflection Activities in a School Context* (B-2007)
  174. Mohanty, Bindu -- Auroville: Towards a Spiritualized Society based on Integral Yoga** (B-2007)
    The paper seeks to present preliminary findings from a qualitative research project �an interpretive inquiry--that explores how spiritual ideals held by individuals inform the social psychology of Auroville, a growing international town of 1,800 people from over forty countries.
  175. Mohrhoff, Ulrich -- Beyond the cookie cutter paradigm** (P-2001)
  176. Mohrhoff, Ulrich -- Psychology All the Way Down* (P-2004)
  177. Mohrhoff, Ulrich -- The Transparent Brain* (B-2007)
  178. Mukhopadhay, B. & Renukadevi, S. -- Chakra Meditation in Achieving Altered States of Consciousness* (P-2002)
  179. Mukhopadhyay, Susmita -- A Probe On Indian Psycho-Philosophy * (P-2004)
  180. Murali, S. -- The Aesthetic Dimensions of Sphota And Dhvani* (P-2004)
  181. Murthy, A.R.V. -- Conquest of Mind - The Methods and Means* (B-2007)
  182. Murthy, B. Krishna -- Yoga in Promoting Mental Health* (P-2002)
  183. Murthy, Pannaga K. -- Study of the concepts ahamkara and ego functions* (P-2002)
  184. Murthy, Pannaga K. -- The Concept of "Guna": a Critical Analysis* (P-2004)
  185. Muthu, A. Madalai -- Yoga and Stress Management* (P-2002)
  186. Nachimuthu, P. -- Relevance of Rituals* (P-2004)
  187. Nagarathnamma, B. -- Effect of Yoga in the Alleviation of Psychosomatic Disorders* (P-2002)
  188. Nalini, B. -- Psychosocial Aspects of Classical Dance Forms of India* (P-2002)
  189. Naqvi, Arshi Raza -- Siddha System of Medicine: The South Indian Alchemy* (P-2002)
  190. Narayanan, S. -- The probabilistic orientation** (P-2001)
  191. Naveen, K.V. -- Yoga and Psychosis: Risks and Therapeautic Potential * (P-2002)
  192. Nene, Damodar V. -- Psychology of Hinduism* (P-2004)
  193. Ojha, Sandhya -- Psychotherapy in Ayurveda* (P-2004)
  194. Ojha, Sandhya -- Yoga: As a Psychological Discipline* (P-2002)
  195. Pahwa, Manasi -- Spirituality and Counseling** (P-2004)
  196. Palsane, M.N. -- Role of Yamas and Niyamas in Shaping the Attitudes towards the Environment* (P-2002)
  197. Panda, Minati -- Cultural Construction of Creativity: Dualism and Beyond* (P-2004)
  198. Pandey, Alok -- Consciousness based approach: An overview** (2009)
    The article focuses on a consciousness-based approach towards health and healing. According to the author an illness is essentially an inner disequilibrium and that the healer�s task is primarily to help the pateint regain the inner and the outer balance.
  199. Pandey, Alok -- Practical aspects of integral psychotherapy** (P-2001)
  200. Pandey, Alok -- Psychotherapy and Indian Thought* (P-2004)
  201. Pandey, Ashish -- Social Development: Inside-out approach In Indian Ancient Wisdom (Learning for Business Organizations)* (P-2004)
  202. Pandey, Ashish -- Spiritual Climate of Business Organizations** (2009)
    A well-developed research paper on the importance of spirituality in management: its role and relevance. As the author states, � the major thesis of this research is that spirituality of employees is reflected in work climate� and this in turn leads to a positive affect of the employees� service to the customers.
  203. Pandey, Ashish -- Spirituality in Management: A Synthesis of Contemporary and Traditional Thoughts and Agenda for Research* (B-2007)
  204. Pandith, Shilpa Ashok -- Quality of Life: A Yogic View Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research* (B-2007)
  205. Panguluri, Lalitha -- Stress management through Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali* (B-2007)
  206. Panwar, M.R. -- Effects of Yogic Exercises on Mental Functions at High-Altitude Acclimatization* (P-2002)
  207. Paranjpe, Anand C. -- Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Psychology in a Rapidly Globalizing Post-modern World* (P-2002)
  208. Paranjpe, Anand C. -- Challenges of Personality Research in India Today* (P-2004)
  209. Parasher, Divya -- Indian Psychology: A Way to Self-Discovery* (B-2007)
  210. Patel, Aster -- Psychology in India: A future perspective* (P-2002)
  211. Patel, Aster -- The Psychological Perspectives of Our Times: Three Shifts of a Rhythm* (P-2004)
  212. Patel, Aster -- Working in Matter** (P-2001)
  213. Patel, Chandrakant P. -- Tics and Suicidal Proneness Treated with Integral Psychology* (P-2002)
  214. Pirta, R.S. -- A Holisitc Model of Sustainable Development: An Indian approach to environmental psychology* (P-2002)
  215. Pradhan, R.C. -- Rising upto the Supramental Consciousness: Need for a new psychology* (P-2002)
  216. Prakash, Anand -- An Indigenous Perspective on Organizational Behavior in India * (P-2002)
  217. Prakash, Anand -- Discovering the Human Side of Enterprise by Reorganizing, Indian Organizations* (P-2004)
  218. Prakash, G.P. -- Effect of Yoga on Blood Pressure and Moods of Grassland Scientists of Jhansi* (P-2002)
  219. Prakash, Indira Jai -- Saging- Development in Old age* (P-2004)
  220. Prasad, Aravind -- The Individual and his/her Development; Child Development, Aging, Ashrams* (B-2007)
  221. Prasad, Shanti V. -- The Social Self in Indian Belief Systems* (B-2007)
  222. Priya, Kumar Ravi -- Experiencing Our True and Transcendental Self: What Recent Developments in Qualitative Research has to Offer to Researchers and Participants* (B-2007)
  223. Priya, Kumar Ravi -- On Becoming purush: Excursions in Gandhi’s Pursuit of seva* (P-2004)
  224. Quentic-Sequy, Martine -- Vedantic Interpretation of Dreams* (P-2004)
  225. Radhakrishna, Shantha -- Using Yoga Therapy (YT) to increase communication, social and cognitive skills in children with autistic spectrum disorders* (B-2007)
  226. Raghuram, N.V. -- Ego In Indian Philosophy* (B-2007)
  227. Rai, Pramod Kumar -- Unveiling Consciousness: Vedantic theory of personality revisited** (P-2004)
  228. Rajalakshmi, N.P. -- Vanaprastha - An Experiment, A Way of Life** (P-2004)
  229. Rajani, K.R. -- Yoga: A Perspective of Gita and Sri Aurobindo* (B-2007)
  230. Ram, Usha -- Personality discussed in Bhagwad Gita* (P-2002)
  231. Ram, Usha -- Teacher Traits of Ancient India Are Valid Even Today* (P-2004)
  232. Ramalingam, Panch -- Challenging Dimensions of Indian Psychology* (P-2002)
  233. Ramalingam, Panch -- Pedagogical Techniques in the Ancient Indian Scriptures* (P-2004)
  234. Ramamurthy, Devaraj -- Sarala Mandukasana* (B-2007)
  235. Rana, Suvashisa -- Human Development over One and Many Lives* (P-2004)
  236. Ranade, Sraddhalu -- Parapsychological Phenomena in the Light of Yogic Science* (P-2002)
  237. Rani, N. Jhansi -- Effect of Enhancement of Oxygen Supply through Yogic Procedure on Cognitive Task Performance* (P-2002)
  238. Ranta, Randhir Singh -- Management of Stress and Coping Behavior of Police Personnel through Indian Psychological Techniques* (B-2007)
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