This paper was presented at
Psychology: The Indian Contribution
National Conference on
Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness
organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research
at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
Pondicherry, India, 10-13 December 2004

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Emotional intelligence and Indian thought

P. Baby Devaki — S.V. University, Tirupati.

Emotion is an important component of human life. Among an array of emotions, the prominent ones like anger, fear, enjoyment and others have been identified. Emotional excesses, if unchecked, would lead to the downfall of individuals and societies. Putting wisdom into emotions in order to be beneficial to mankind is an important subject of many Indian texts, which are discussed in the paper at length. Pondering over this aspect of Indian psychology is the need of the hour, as human society stands on the brink of an ‘emotional storm’, witnessed in increasing unrest and crime rate among people, not only in India, but also all over the world.

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