This paper was presented at
Psychology: The Indian Contribution
National Conference on
Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness
organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research
at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
Pondicherry, India, 10-13 December 2004

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Yoga is an important process in the education of human beings

Shweta Dwivedi & Vijendra Sahai — Kanpur.

In the practice of yoga, as it is in the process of education in general, five elements are necessarily involved – the teacher, the student, the aim, the subject and the method. Education aims at development of the whole human being, and very often the essential elements are lost sight of and thus the endeavour attains nothing substantial. There must be force in the teaching, for the very presence of the teacher can have a deep impact on the student. The competent student is one does not have any other interest except the area under study. Though the aim of yoga is universal, its practice is an individual affair.