This paper was presented at the
National Seminar on
Indian Psychology: Theories and Models

SVYASA, Bangalore,
December 26 - 28, 2007


A study of effect of pranic healing (prana therapy) on blood pressure and alpha EEG

Gyandeep Mishra — VIMHANS, Delhi


It has been acknowledged that religious and complementary therapies are commonly used in community settings in India. The human magnet through its vital energy can be affected and get affected by others. Noted psychologist Prof. Victor E. Kromar has investigated the role of mental power (will power) in controlling and utilizing the bio magnetic power of the human body. Our aim was to explore the influences of pranic healing (prana therapy) on the blood pressure and alpha EEG waves in human volunteers. We have taken 25 subjects, selected by incidental sampling that were the visitors, and came to Shantikunj and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Hardwar, Uttaranchal, India during March 2006. Two tools were applied: first Alpha EEG Biofeedback Instrument and second Blood Pressure Measurement (Sphygmomanometer). We did the blood pressure measurement in the sitting posture after 15 minutes of resting. We did one session of pranic healing for 20 minutes and did pre and post test of Alpha EEG and Blood Pressure. Three Null Hypotheses were made. The systolic Blood Pressure pre-test mean score was 138.96 ± 11.50 mm Hg, and post-test mean score was  128.4 ±6.89 mm Hg. T-test score was 7.18, Null Hypothesis was rejected at 0.01 significance level of confidence that shows Systolic B.P. was reduced by the session of pranic healing.

Diastolic Blood Pressure pre-test score mean was 93.92 ± 10.27 mm Hg and post-test score mean was 85.84 ± 7.06 mm Hg, T-test score was 6.90. Thus , the second Null Hypothesis was rejected at 0.01 significance level of confidence, showing that Diastolic B.P. was reduced by pranic healing. The third Null Hypothesis was related to Alpha EEG waves there. The pre-test  mean score of alpha waves was 4.73 ± 2.16 Hz. and post-test mean score found 6.00 ± 2.44 Hz., T-test score was 3.52 which was indicated that third Null Hypothesis was rejected at 0.01 significance level of confidence, thereby suggesting that alpha waves increased by pranic healing. To heal hypertension, the solar plexus and meng mein chakra must first be cleansed thoroughly and then inhibited by using light blue prana. The brain and the nervous system are controlled and energized by the crown chakra and forehead charka. Finally we found in the study that there were some significant relationship between pranic healing and blood pressure and alpha waves. It can be studied further and be useful as a new and non-pharmacological approach to the healthy life. As it was a preliminary study in this field, it needs to be replicated with a larger sample.

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