This paper was presented at the
National Seminar on
Indian Psychology: Theories and Models

SVYASA, Bangalore,
December 26 - 28, 2007



Yoga Nidra: a psychotherapeutic tool for stress management

Narender Singh & Navin Kumar — Defence Research & Development Organization, Mussoorie


In the modern scenario, human life has become very fast, hectic and demanding. The present lifestyle demands adjustment on the part of the individual. Each of us, as per our coping resources, tries to adjust in this changing world. Some adjust by becoming overactive and others by withdrawing from the situation. When we fail to make a proper adjustment according to the demands of the situation, a state of negative stress or distress develops in our personality, which gives rise to mental or psychological problems. In most people the mind always remains in a state of arousal and tension. Therefore it is necessary to find some effective management tool for stress management. Yoga nidra, as a technique of pratyahara, not only provides relaxation to the body and mind but also has a number of other benefits. In this paper the researcher try to give an overview of yoga nidra and its advantages and application in stress management.

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