This paper was presented at the
National Seminar on
Indian Psychology: Theories and Models

SVYASA, Bangalore,
December 26 - 28, 2007


Continuing towards a new education

Urmila Samson — Pune


Certain people, teachers, books and experiences open floodgates of awareness and pinpoint focus.

These have created in me new perceptions of life, situations, actions as cyclic, multidimensional, inevitable.

The new perceptions help me live and learn creatively: Ride the multi-cycles, open up to Divine Light that dispels Shadows of Doubt and the Darkness of Fear.

The impact on my understanding as a parent is that:

I do not own my children or know what is best for them. Our relationship is cyclic – (they are sometimes my parent/teachers), and multidimensional – growing always deeper, wider, closer, further... If I take control, I destroy the magic, the mystery...

Put effort in the self: My complaints about the (outer) world, spouse, children, are reflections of unhappiness inside. I test my actions for authenticity – what I like doing is authentic, what I am expected to do is tainted with negativity. Search deeply to find out what is keeping me from my true purpose. Courageously face those things and they vanish, because they were phantoms of the mind, easily dispelled, once recognized.

The New Education has to make bold brave steps from:

 - Objectivity to subjectivity.

-   Learning facts, to creating new dimensions, new realities.

-   Using the mind in one way, to challenging the whole self in multidimensional ways.

-   From a stagnant state of being, to pushing every boundary till we, as students of all ages, get a glimpse of our own infinite potential.

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