Yoga and Indian approaches to psychology
as a means to effect
change and transformation

Dr(Mrs) Kalyani Mishra
S.G. Women's College
Rourkela-769 002

Human life, at present, is at cross-roads. Everywhere there is chaos and confusion. People are madly searching for outlets to release their tensions and frustrations. The real ideal of religion is lost, and spirituality is forgotten. Being deceived by the spectacular advancement of scientific knowledge and technology, present mind is not ready to understand the real meaning and value of life. The real potentiality of human mind, its spirit, creativity, and true strength is gradually heading into oblivion and this is simply an indication of the real destruction of its all-powerful self. Life has become a paradox now. Being unable to cope with the stresses, strains and miseries of life, many are diving into despondency and desperation. Not only human beings, but also the entire nation is at a stake now. The world is full of wars, crimes, conflicts, unrest, fears and suspicions etc. A lifeless and selfish atmosphere is pervading everywhere. So, to find a decisive solution to all these problems is the need of the hour, the voice and call of the day. It is now being increasingly realized and felt by modern psychologists that the true greatness of the Indian spiritual inheritance should be revived, realized and recognized by everybody. There is a great necessity at present, to revive the moral and spiritual value of ancient Indian culture and its everlasting treasure and idealism. So, if the human mind has to be distracted from all such scepticism and materialism, and if humanity has to be brought together, then the only way is to follow the spiritual path through the practice of Yoga and Meditation. The present paper is a noble attempt to unravel the mysteries and extra psychic power of psychology as an integral discipline which has the potential to recreate the entire universe.

This paper was presented at the
National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India, September 29 - October 1, 2002