Rising upto the Supramental consciousness: Need for a new psychology

Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi

The psychology of supramental consciousness needs a fresh look in view of the fact that the psychology of the ordinary consciousness has failed to account for the multifaceted psychological phenomena. The materialist or the scientific psychology of the West has failed to capture the intricacies of the human mind because of its inherent limitations. The idea of the human mind as a static entity that is a mechanical and biological device, has made psychology the science of a limited consciousness - hence its shallowness and lack of capacity to rise above the surface consciousness. This paper intends to provide philosophical justification for the psychology of the supermind which has been established by Sri Aurobindo and is implicit in the great Vedantic tradition. It also provides a critical rejoinder to the mechanistic psychology and philosophy of mind of the West.

This paper was presented at the
National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India, September 29 - October 1, 2002