Individualized familial self: An empirically based conceptualization of the evolving self of professionally educated elite in a developing country

R.K. Gupta & Abinash Panda
Management Development Institute

The paper focuses on the evolving nature of self of professionally educated elite Indians. It contributes to the growing literature on the nature of evolving self as a result of the process of West-led modernization and the spread of free market capitalism across the globe. It reports the findings of a study of organizational culture in a High-tech joint venture in India. The factor analysis indicates the existence of individualistic as well as collectivistic tendencies amongst the educated professionals. This duality has been conceptualized as ‘individualized familial self’ amongst the elite Indians. The study suggests the need for similar explorations in different countries to understand the impact of global forces of change in varying cultural contexts.

This paper was presented at the
National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India, September 29 - October 1, 2002