inner tinkerbellsthe inner tinkerbellsare never easy to findthe outside so readyto distracta story weaves a story,weaves a story, weaves a story, the rope, the tinkerbell is loststill you are the cowthe tinkerbell is yours,the leash bears your name and is yours to claimthe story bears the painof a borrowed story,until you crack it openand restore it's glorythis is a… Read More »


you're closin up the doorswon't let no one insidethe room inside is darkthe stench, the built-inplaqueyou cannot find your waythe ghosts are there to stayain't a single window lightthe fear of other eyesand all of what may risethe doors inside are boltyou'd rather choke thanjoltyou'd rather have yourgaurdsthan find the broken shards you'd rather stay a fool&… Read More »