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About oceans

It’s settled, its official, the ocean resides in my heart. My heart is its birthplace and it is the home of my heart. They’re married together by an inseparable knot. Whether this makes sense, when it got to this, how … Continue reading

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Yoga Psychology in the Schools

Yoga Psychology In The Schools:
Some Insights from the Indian Tradition
 By Don Salmon, PhD Introduction I am presently co-authoring, with Jan Maslow, a book entitled Through the Eyes of Infinity. In the book we will examine and integrate the theories … Continue reading

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Whose kite is the sun?

Whose kite is the sun? Who fills the rosebud’s red? Who drinks from the moon-jug and spills out the ocean? Who led my hands unchained, to join the white-winged free bird, laughing from above at the prison in the playground? … Continue reading

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Integrating contemplative practices

ESSENCE OF ALL PRACTICE: The intention to open to the presence and action of God/The Dharmadatu/Allah/a well harmonized brain functioning intuitively beyond the small self (ie surrender of the small self to a greater functioning). As Krishna puts it at … Continue reading

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Ocean of Light

  Never could I have dreamt of the Beauty of floating in an Ocean of Light enveloping gently all that I am But where it starts or ends is not skin or centre of sight which lends itself to the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

This story was read aloud on the US National Public Radio show, “This American Life.” *********** Well, it all began at Christmas two years ago when my daughter was four-years-old. And it was the first time that she had ever … Continue reading

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The start of the disciple’s journey

For the longest time I had always imagined that the only reason one goes to a Guru is because one is unable to deal any longer with the blows Life has meted out to you. The blows can be various: … Continue reading

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Where is Martin Neimoller?

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Trump was a “harbinger of the Apocalypse” and the return of Jesus was imminent. “Now we have a man of God back in the White House, Jesus Christ will soon return,” said Robertson. “Sure, he’ll massacre … Continue reading

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The art of communication – through the lens of Equanimity

How much ever I wish and hope telepathy to be the official channel of communication, the role of language and active communication cannot be denied in today’s world. We all live together, grow together and it is human interactions that … Continue reading

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Neuroscience and Integral Yoga

John Yates, in his book, “The Mind Illuminated,” presents a way of understanding the mind that many have found supportive of their efforts to concentrate in meditation. He’s describing two basic ways our brain has evolved to engage with the … Continue reading

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