Presenting mindfulness in a secular society

Recently, on the online forum MIEN (Mindfulness in Education), there was a very interesting discussion about how to present mindfulness in an appropriate manner in secular classrooms. One of the suggestions was to simply offer it as attention training, and leave aside the frequent references to "compassion" and "loving-kindness meditation," and ultimately to leave aside… Read More »

Yoga Psychology in the Schools

Yoga Psychology In The Schools:
Some Insights from the Indian Tradition
 By Don Salmon, PhD Introduction I am presently co-authoring, with Jan Maslow, a book entitled Through the Eyes of Infinity. In the book we will examine and integrate the theories and findings of psychology and other scientific disciplines within a larger yogic perspective. As an… Read More »

Teaching Indian psychology

Indian Psychology attempts to be a consciously treaded and systematic journey of self-development, which, on progressing, enriches one’s understanding of oneself and consequently one’s interactions with the world; it’s systems and processes are built on this basic premise. Taking consciousness as the fundamental basis behind all operations, it would lend itself most effectively when taught… Read More »

TIP-2011: Observations from the sidelines

TIP-2011 — IPI’s collaborative workshop on Teaching Indian Psychology —  began with much hope, enthusiasm and eagerness, as something, the need for which had been felt since quite some time. In spite of the resistance against the teaching of Indian Psychology in universities and other age-old institutions, where western classical positivist psychology had been the… Read More »