Presenting mindfulness in a secular society

Recently, on the online forum MIEN (Mindfulness in Education), there was a very interesting discussion about how to present mindfulness in an appropriate manner in secular classrooms. One of the suggestions was to simply offer it as attention training, and leave aside the frequent references to "compassion" and "loving-kindness meditation," and ultimately to leave aside… Read More »

Integrating contemplative practices

ESSENCE OF ALL PRACTICE: The intention to open to the presence and action of God/The Dharmadatu/Allah/a well harmonized brain functioning intuitively beyond the small self (ie surrender of the small self to a greater functioning). As Krishna puts it at the end of the Gita, “Abandoning all Dharmas (practices, rules, guidelines) surrender to Me, and… Read More »

Sri Aurobindo and Iain McGilchrist on intellect and intuition

Sri Aurobindo and Iain McGilchrist on intellect and intuition In a recent conversation on Auroconference (a worldwide online forum on integral yoga, for those not familiar with it) Rod Hemsell brought up an ongoing dispute between the philosopher Henri Bergson and Albert Einstein, on the nature of time. Einstein took a rather intellectual approach, expressing… Read More »