Integrating contemplative practices


The intention to open to the presence and action of God/The Dharmadatu/Allah/a well harmonized brain functioning intuitively beyond the small self (ie surrender of the small self to a greater functioning). As Krishna puts it at the end of the Gita, “Abandoning all Dharmas (practices, rules, guidelines) surrender to Me, and let Me do the rest.”


Mindfulness: Balancing narrow and wide focus attention (concentration, open awareness), zazen, tantra yoga practices of mindfulness and open, spacious awareness


Loving kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, gratitude, reverence, prayer, tantra yoga practices of heartful awareness and surrender


Mindful CBT, science and non-duality, interspiritual meditation, creative visualization, sustainability

PREPARATION (using body and energy)

Breathing, relaxation, kundalini yoga, tantra yoga

KARMA YOGA: (bringing together the skills of surrender, mindful attention, heartful attention, reflective inquiry

1. Mindful and heartful attention in action: mindful eating, simple living, mindfulness at work, mindful leadership
2. Selfless service: Caregiving, Selfless service,
3. Art: Contemplative art, storytelling
4. Science: science and nonduality
5. Relationships: parenting, marriage, childbirth, coming of age
6. Healing: 12 step outreach, mindfulness in correctional institutions
7. Education: Mindfulness in schools
8. The body: aikido, tai chi, walking meditation
9. Nature: environmental mindfulness and mysticism,

One thought on “Integrating contemplative practices

  1. the intention in the opening – the essence of all practice – was to state it in a way that would be understandable to religious and non-religious folks (that’s why I put in the bit about harmonious brain functioning).

    This was very rough, done in about 5 minutes, but might be a good place to start in thinking about how to integrate the myriad practices people discover when they start to investigate meditative and contemplative practices.

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