Dialog, simple instructions

I just posted a rather detailed (and perhaps overly complex?) blog on dialog in Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s writings. For practical purposes, I thought it might be helpful to post an extremely simple guide on how to begin engaging in conversation in a more dialogic manner. Here’s what I’ve found to be an incredibly powerful,… Read More »

The Mother on Dialog

THE MOTHER’S EXERCISE ON “DIALOG” I've explored various forms of dialog over the years. This probably stems from an interest that goes back to my early teens toward understanding people who think and/or act differently from me.  To date, I always make a special effort to explore political views that are different from – and… Read More »

Individuals, books, sites and institutions challenging materialism

I’ve put together here a list of books, scientists, philosophers and organizations (online and “physical”!) who are challenging the materialistic views which are perhaps the greatest impediment to the progress of science. Here are some recommendations of books to read that in some way or other challenge materialism. This is from Dr. Larry Dossey.  Among… Read More »