Bernardo Kastrup’s ‘Why Materialism is Baloney”

Hi folks – haven’t been around here for awhile.  The comments section on this blog is generally very quiet. I’ve been spending most of my “online posting” time over at Bernardo Kastrup’s site (  Click on “forum” for what I think is the best online forum for philosophy, science, integral world views, I’ve ever come across on the net.

Bernardo has written a brilliant book challenging materialist/physicalist views in science (“Why Materialism is Baloney”).  Yes, that’s the title – he was concerned his publisher might find the title a bit lightweight, but they loved it, and – at least from the Amazon reviews – people are taking the book quite seriously.

He doesn’t reference Indian psychology, but a number of us on the forum have been encouraging Bernardo to make the connection.

I probably won’t be writing much on this site for awhile. Jan (my wife) and I are making what we hope will be our final push to get our website ( fully online. The text is up on the site but we have several dozen audio and video materials to post, as well as getting all the social media buttons, ezines, blogs, the store, and everything else that goes into making a website these days – hopefully, by late winter or early spring.  It’s the music and video that’s taking a long time – the text is easy by comparison!

Hope to see you over at Bernardo’s site!

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