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Presenting mindfulness in a secular society

Recently, on the online forum MIEN (Mindfulness in Education), there was a very interesting discussion about how to present mindfulness in an appropriate manner in secular classrooms. One of the suggestions was to simply offer it as attention training, and … Continue reading

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Yoga Psychology in the Schools

Yoga Psychology In The Schools:
Some Insights from the Indian Tradition
 By Don Salmon, PhD Introduction I am presently co-authoring, with Jan Maslow, a book entitled Through the Eyes of Infinity. In the book we will examine and integrate the theories … Continue reading

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Integrating contemplative practices

ESSENCE OF ALL PRACTICE: The intention to open to the presence and action of God/The Dharmadatu/Allah/a well harmonized brain functioning intuitively beyond the small self (ie surrender of the small self to a greater functioning). As Krishna puts it at … Continue reading

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Neuroscience and Integral Yoga

John Yates, in his book, “The Mind Illuminated,” presents a way of understanding the mind that many have found supportive of their efforts to concentrate in meditation. He’s describing two basic ways our brain has evolved to engage with the … Continue reading

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Integral Yoga and the Buddhist Stages of the Path

I was just studying John Yates’ (also known as Culadasa) marvelous book on the “stages of the path” in traditional Buddhism (the book is ‘The Mind Illuminated”). Jan and I have been looking at it, as it has a number … Continue reading

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Some reflections on mindfulness

(Jan and I just came back from a meditation retreat. On the retreat, someone we met asked for some links to websites that would provide information on scientific research on the benefits of mindfulness practice. I suppose, being on a … Continue reading

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Detaching from a situation while in it

By Prema Sankar  All of us have our issues or disagreements with certain people or situations, which we address as our “problems”. How much so ever we try to run away from these “problems”, they eventually hit us and hit … Continue reading

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Stress and Sadhana

By Prema Sankar This is quite a personal journey and I am intending to write it in as detached and generic manner as possible so that I can myself look back and apply it in other situations in life. I … Continue reading

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7th day of a Vipassana Course

I have no words to start. Sitting from 2:30-3:30 in addithanna (no-movement) was a revelation today. Probably started on the dot or a minute or so late. I followed the instructions of Guruji to let my awareness travel from head … Continue reading

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Important new anti-materialist textbook from the American Psychological Association

This is an Amazon review by Larry Dossey: 5.0 out of 5 stars“We are in the midst of a sea change.” By Larry Dossey on September 23, 2016 Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a kingdom … Continue reading

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