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      Dear All,

      This forum is created to bring together the IP community at a common platform wherein we all can share our views and discuss the challenges faced and the methods acquired to develop this field further.

      This thread of topic is dedicated to Introducing ourselves and please feel free to share your ideas and comments on ways to make this exchange a fruitful one.

      Looking forward to our interactions !

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      Thank you for this initiative and your sharing at the conference, Aditi.

      This being’s outer nature answers to the name Matthias, identifies and presents itself in this context as a Psychologist (M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from Germany) who would like to conduct research at the University of Delhi, in Auroville, Pondicherry and wherever people are open to sharing their experiences with this walking, talking, first-person qualitative research instrument.

      Inside something aspires for a new psychology, its sources, experiences, processes, their potential to make useful and transform ego, relationships, communities, science, academia, applied psychology, …

      A proposal to further the exchange is to come together at a / an …

      Indian / Vedic / Integral / Greater / Future / Experiential / *something*

      – Psychology Youth –

      Conference / Un-Conference / Gathering / Seminar / Workshop / *something*.

      This event could be (un-)orgnanized, attended, presented, moderated and overall energized by “Youth” (aspiring students, practitioners, researchers, etc.).

      For more information on unconferences see:



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      I agree with Matt. The recent conference at Delhi University saw the attendance of several young students and prospective IP researchers . During an unofficial post-conference meeting with some of these participants, it was clear that a regular living breathing support group sessions could help nurture the next generation of IP researchers. An unconference does sound interesting.

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        Unconference sounds like a good idea Abhinav, would you like to collaborate and build more on this idea?

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      Hello Everyone, sometimes the best sharing spaces are the non-formal, non-threatening ones! I think, it would be lovely if we could use this forum as one such place. To share honestly and profoundly our experiences with Indian Psychology! And what I mean by Indian Psychology is my own personal journey to know myself, the world, and the Divine! I would like to share here my failures and triumphs, my thoughts and feelings, my trials and ordeals, my questions and doubts, my adventures and experiences on this absolutely fascinating journey that each of us takes…. a journey of a lifetime (literally)! A journey I call self-discovery! Hope to have some genuine discussions on this forum.
      And by the way, my name is Divya and I work at the Indian Psychology Institute.

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      hi everyone,
      this is deependra, thankx for the invite.
      eager to attend the workshop,seems all awesome souls here and i shall be all ears…
      thankyou 🙂

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      hello everyone….Namaste…..Sat sri akal from punjab
      Feeling so blessed to be a part of this enlightening and soul-soothing event!!!!!!!!…….I am Aman …..worldly designations and qualifications being Assistant Professor in Psychology since 10 years now with M.Sc Psychology(UGC-NET) and teaching psychology to undergraduate(TYDC)students.But personally i feel that Psychology in India is far-far-better-and internally satisfying and fulfilling than all the paradigms and technical terminology and research methodology that we adopted from western school of thought.Although i do agree that its a vibrant field with immense space for personal enhancement and progress but somewhere or the other it has lost its “humane” and “peaceful” touch of reaching out and “healing by knowing and understanding”. So as the famous quote goes “The illiterate of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”…….So i am coming to unlearn to relearn and gain from this experience.
      Thank you
      Looking forward to meet all the blessed souls
      Best Regards,

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      Hello friends.

      The conversation above about unconference as a tool to explore the idea of unlearning, learning; The reference of Swapathgami movement; And I felt I will be coming home to the workshop. I have a special relationship with these processes.

      My work with children and adults have helped me learn a lot about myself. I can very well vouch for creating unlearning/learning spaces which honour and allow the unfolding of being. For children, it leads to flowering of the being and for us, adults, it leads to identifying the layers that cloud our being, uncovering what lies at our core. One can create an open space of unlearning/learning to the extent one is ready to unlearn/learn about self. Is that moving an inch towards consciousness, towards truth? What is eternal truth? What is perceived truth? What is transformation? How does on understand consciousness, transformation, etc? And so on so forth.

      Look forward to meeting you all in person and unlearning/learning together.

      With regards,

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      Namaste everybody!
      I am super excited about this course and all set to get a new experience and see a brand new side of myself. I strongly believe in experiential learning and practical learning, as I learn better that way, hence, that makes me feel a bit more zealous to be here.
      Looking forward to the new experiences and people I get to meet here!
      Warm Regards,

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