A step closer to your inner self

I am a true believer of the inner calling; all my attempts are towards being conscious of that inner voice that directs the course of my life. All I have do is, be a little more vigilant and consciously aligned with it, till it becomes a natural process and a way of being, and sure enough, it’s worth the effort. It always intrigues me, how much we struggle in our daily lives to keep up with our surroundings: to live up to the standards set by others or even standards we set for ourselves based on expectations or the general norms of society which simply decide the benchmarks for all of humanity, and we try to follow the norms without giving it a second thought.  Hence, there is no space left for the inner voice to be heard, acknowledged, or even attempted to be lived out. I would like to discuss here a few things which we can easily inculcate in our daily life to help us get closer to our inner self. In the midst of this hectic spate of life, take some quiet time out and listen to that voice that resides in you, grow closer to it, and nurture your bond with it.

1.      Good morning – greetings to self

In this age of technology, where our smart phones are an integral part of everyday life, our day starts with sending good morning messages to people. It’s a nice way of keeping in touch and sending out a message that no matter how busy we are in life, the people important to us are always remembered.  But in all this, we forget to acknowledge our own presence! How often do you greet yourself?  The first thing you should do in the morning is, look in the mirror and wish yourself good morning, take a moment and look at yourself, appreciate the gift of life. Try and do this for a week and you will know how it feels to acknowledge your very own presence and how much it can influence your day ahead.

2.      Read at least one positive quote/article everyday

Words have a great magical power and they really influence our thinking which in turn has an impact on our perspective. Reading good words help you appreciate life. Those few moments are very precious when your mind comes in contact with those words and you see life through the lens of those words of wisdom.  Making it a habit will help you broaden your perspective and leave you hungry for more, which of course is a good thing. Here is a quote that changed my life:

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

3.      Think before you act

I am sure you must have heard this a zillion times. Here is an alternative, THINK ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS. It sounds a little confusing but trust me, once you learn to master this art, being with your self will be an interesting experience which will nourish your relation with self. When in a situation, feel where you are in your mind and feelings, don’t be in a hurry to act or give your opinion; the world is full of opinions, all it needs is wise reflection. Spend a moment to see beyond the thought that has gripped your mind at that very moment, where is it coming from, with a little effort you will be able to track the source of your thought and that moment of reflection will help you get clarity in your decisions. Never create (act) anything in moments of disharmony, the moment passes but the creation lasts. Analyzing and tracing down the roots is a good habit but over analyzing is what you should give a miss.  Always remember to draw a line.

4.      Pen down your thoughts

Writing always helps in getting clarity. When you see your thoughts on a piece of paper, they help you understand yourself better. And you can pen down any thoughts, need not be always philosophical insight, it can simply be about what you thought about the new product launch you read about this morning or the new book on the stands or someone you met at office today. Just scribbling down your thoughts gives you a glimpse into your own world, it helps you meet you. It’s like having a little chat with oneself and knowing what’s going on in there. Do not judge your thoughts, just let them flow. Their purpose is to bring awareness and help you evolve and become a better person with every passing day.

5.      Say No to Comparing and  Yes to Acknowledging

Thanks to social media, we are never short of information on what is going on with other people. You should like it or comment on it but one thing which you should never do is think of what you miss in life based on what the other person’s life looks like. Remember, what you see is just a moment captured of somebody’s life, you can’t compare your life with a moment, and you have no idea what is the story behind. Acknowledge their presence in your life but never compare. Always concentrate on your own story, appreciate what you have and make the best of it. It’s only you who knows your story well. You have the power to write it as you want, and all you have to do is be true to yourself and march on your path with confidence.

6.      Self talk – learn to enjoy your company

Quality time with oneself is the best time spent. Those moments when there is no one around, and I mean not even your electronic gadgets, just you with your own self, immersed in a pool of thoughts. There is nothing more enriching than swimming in the deep ocean of your own thoughts and finding your way back to the shore and every time you come up with a new discovery / a new realization which facilitates your life on the outside it adds to your life experience and helps you live a happy life.

Take that first step, start with one thing which appeals to you the most and slowly you will get into the rhythm. Put some effort with love, till it becomes a habit. Strengthen your bond with your inner guide and enjoy the gift of life.

5 thoughts on “A step closer to your inner self

  1. Ah, can’t edit these comments. On #2, I meant to write that we try to include as many positive passages on our site as possible.

    Thanks again for your post. You’ve inspired me – I haven’t blogged here for awhile; I may put up a post again at some point.

  2. Wonderful guidelines. We are trying to do something like this on our site, http://www.remember-to-breathe.org

    1. Good morning – greetings to self

    This is what we refer to, somewhat metaphorically, as “remembering to breathe.” It can mean literally, take a breath, or as a metaphor, remember to come back to your center. Just be – be present, aware, calmly, of everything that is happening in and around you, without judgment, just acknowledging, being present, with an open heart of kindness and compassion.

    2. Read at least one positive quote/article everyday

    We try to

    3. Think before you act

    Dr. Dan Siegel, whose “interpersonal neurobiology” inspired much of our site, describes this – thinking before you act – as one of the core capacities of our prefrontal cortex – the most evolved part of our brain, which allows us to pause before just reacting habitually, at the mercy of our animal brain (our emotional brain, the limbic system, or our instinctive brain, the brain stem).

    4. Pen down your thoughts

    Definitely a helpful way to activate the prefrontal cortex and become more self-aware.

    5. Say No to Comparing and Yes to Acknowledging


    6. Self talk – learn to enjoy your company

    Remembering to breathe, coming back to one’s core, simply being present, savoring the moment, not only helps one to enjoy one’s own company, but through quieting the mind and opening the heart, allows for a greater sense of connection to the world and to others around you.

    Wonderful column! Thank you.

    • Remember to breathe is a great initiative, thank you for sharing and it was really insightful to look at the blog form the the perspective of neuro biology .

  3. Hiii …..I really like your blog…..its full of positivity…… And yes also like the ways I can spend a quality time with myself….and I will use these ways in my life too….to make it more better and in knowing myself….

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