Give that Voice a chance!

We all wonder about the story behind, be it a person we meet or a long standing mountain we see. There is an innate tendency of quest we human beings are born with which helps us to discover, to know, and thus be more and more involved and interactive with our surroundings. For many of us, life flows more or less smoothly till the age of 3, when we have the freedom to do whatever we like and we are largely nurtured in a protective environment. Then when we go to school, we somehow lose ourselves, forget who we are and start concentrating on how we should be and thereon the downhill slide is set in motion. There is a certain structure which we are supposed to adhere to, and thus behave as part of a particular section of society, school, age etc., and we obediently adapt. But there is something in us that dies every moment we do that, and that is our inner voice. We are born with an active inner contact, which is in essence who we really are, but in this attempt to ape/appease the world, it simply gets lost and we tend to become someone who we are not, and thus begins the struggle of life to prove ourselves to the world who we are and what we can do and in all this we simply lose our way. We lose sight of our inner self which has its own unique quality and capacity and is waiting to unfold itself. Rather, we end up trying to find perfection outside, and try to imitate people we think are good. This total preoccupation with the outside and our externally-directed efforts completely muffle the sound of our inner calling. I think the time has come to pay attention to the call of the voice deep within, listen carefully to what it is telling us, because the inner self never lies. You  need to give it a chance and see your life unfold, blossom…..It is like you have the tool; you have the remedy for a happy and content life then why look outside. Discover the YOU within YOU and life will be an amazing experience.

6 thoughts on “Give that Voice a chance!

  1. Dear Adit,very nice lines about listing to our heart .Actually it is problem going on with almost every person that we are forgetting ourselves our smiles and happiness and searching for it outside but it’s actually in us …

    • Thank you and now since we know what the problem is , its time to get over it and embark on the journey of self-discovery . Good luck 🙂

  2. Dear Aditi,i truly agree with your thoughts..if one learns the ability to speak to oneself then I don’t think there will be any confusions in’s fight between mind and heart that’s troubling everyone..your post really motivates to listen and to explore one’s inner voice..keep ur good work going

  3. Dear Aditi: Very nice post. This is much along the lines of “swabhava” – one’s unique line of evolution. When I write psychological evaluations for troubled children and teens, I always try to focus on their deepest interests, and write something pointing toward what may help them “see their lives unfold, blossom”.

    I hope more contemporary efforts at integrating Indian psychology into our everyday lives follow along the lines you’ve suggested.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, it is of utmost importance to understand the deepest interests and with all of us together in this effort, I am sure Indian Psychology will make a difference and help people live a content and happy life.

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