Letting Go & Letting God

By Prema Sankar

First I would like to address God and my inhibition to use the word God. In my day-to-day conversations it is so much easier to use the so-called curse words than to mention God. Instead convenient words are used in more abstract terms like “the universe” or “ the heavens” or “events take their course” or sometimes even “the Divine”.  For the past months I have been trying to overcome this block and at many levels I have and at many others I have not.

Lately I have been pondering on the reasons behind this reluctance. I recognized that it has come with a lot of social conditioning and religious restraints. I could not come to terms with the fact that God preferred me to wear “traditional clothes”; that God would punish me for not having “a good behaviour”; that God is non-accepting and punishing me for my “ungodly thoughts” and the list goes on.

As I was reading the first few pages of “Conversations with God” (by Neale Donald Walsch) where there is a line that mentions “God invented Humour’ it suddenly struck me that God can be just like The Big Friendly Giant (from the Spielberg Movie BFG). Of course he has no rules and is probably super funny like the Giant and has fun serving a ‘fart drink’ (as I like to call it) to the queen.

If He is the beginning and He is the end as mentioned in the Upanishads then “All is He”. Everything is He. He is the Creator.

So what is not He? Only the fear that “a particular activity is not a Godly activity” which makes it so? As any kind of fear brings in a shrinking feeling it must be so.

So by Letting God, I continue to write this…

Life takes us through different phases; gives us more and more experiences, enriches us, nourishes us. Experiences become painful or nourishing and that depends on the way we look at them.

I am currently in one such phase and the more I ponder the more I realize that I have to walk my path, all by myself. There is no other to do that for me, and my only company throughout is God. When He is there with us, then we feel the peace; we suddenly find relief in the pain or in other words when we are truly connected to our inner self we find peace. It is easier to walk the path when I see each event as an experience to progress and nourish my soul. Hence, I am trying to take these experiences of pain and pleasure with love, thus letting-go of all the fear-based thoughts, conditionings and feelings.

Letting the inner Love shine through me as much.

Even though I would like to be a shining beam of love all the time, years of conditioning and ego take me away from this central theme. Hence I have appointed a part of me to keep reminding myself that I have to let go of the fear-based thoughts and let only God’s Love inside. Whenever that part is conscious or when I place my consciousness there, another part of me can see I am progressing and letting go more and more so as to welcome the new.

I always love using this analogy for God since I began my inner journey and started finding the connection with Him through my inner Self. It is that He is like “the Powerful Friend” that Bruce Wayne has to get things done. Transforming to your true Batman Self and letting go of the egoist wants, needs and other fears will bring peace, harmony, love and joy in life.

I feel this part of me coming forward many times, however it is really difficult to be Batman all the time.  Meditation, quieting my mind and other tools like “remembering and offering” help me.

Sometimes grounding meditation – like being a tree that is growing all the way up for the light and growing deep nourished roots on Mother Earth helps me clear fear-based energies. Intending pure Light washes me all over; catching my thoughts and not letting them take me for a ride rather guiding the thoughts consciously are some of the other techniques that work for me to remain true to the central theme.

I am sure almost all of us have gone through the following experience – where we keep looking for a lost item over and over again in all possible places hoping to find it.  When not found we move on thinking it is lost and then suddenly from nowhere it appears.

This is the closest example I can think of, for portraying Letting go & Letting God. By completely putting aside our ego self and letting our true inner self take actions that bring harmony and peace.

I feel blessed for those times I am able to let go of “my” needs, wants, desires and Let God. During all other times, I offer that egoist self of mine also to God or Universe so that it is transformed.

Ending the note wishing that all our super hero selves come forward and bring more light for the world and ourselves.

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