Living in the NOW

How often have you engaged in a self-talk or been in a situation where you are pulled between how you feel and what your mind tells you? My guess would be ‘a lot of times’.  While growing up we are subjected to so much conditioning as to how a particular thing should “be” and how we are “supposed” to feel in a particular situation that our mind automatically tricks us into being that way. We easily give in to the situation without giving much importance to how we really feel or what we really want; we do what we are “supposed” to do because following the norms is an easy way out. The norms have a structure, a fixed pattern and all we have to do is stick to the form and in case things go wrong we know whom to blame. But is this the right way of living? Simply following the world because it’s scary to venture out alone in the unknown…Think about it.

All you have to do is be more aware as an individual and not let your mind trick you. Do not let your mind overpower you, find your answers deep within yourself, believe in yourself. Whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation hold on to your inner self and be true to your feelings and you will always come out strong no matter how bad the situation is. We, as human beings, have been given the gift to adapt, but then our mind comes in the way and engages us in a loop of never-ending thought process about the situation. We tend to visualize and think about the situation so much that after a point we really forget what the real problem is and instead get stuck in the web of thoughts. Even if you feel fine, your mind will not let you believe it; it will play and replay all possible scenarios. It will say, “No you can’t be fine! Remember that thing that happened last night… how can you forget that! I still have to make stories about it. I am not done with it!”It’s here that you really have to take charge and say, “No I am fine. I embrace the Now because Now is all that I have.”The crux is to keep the mind in the Now. The idea is not to go where your mind is but to get your mind to where you are and you really have to be aware of this transition. Because if we closely observe ourselves we either think of the past or the future, we never really think of the present. To be in the present is to feel and live fully. Life is all about experiencing the Now. You can’t live a moment only to create a memory and then look back, because that’s not progression. The real idea is to live by experience, to have that heightened sense of awareness within you at all times. Be true to yourself. If you are feeling a particular thing just feel it completely and come out of it so that your mind doesn’t get a chance to make stories and pull you into the never-ending rut of thoughts. There is no one particular way you are supposed to be. Your only job is to be true to your own self. Hold on to your own truth. One easy way which works for me is, we can look at our mind as our closest friend, the one who has always been with us through our thick and thin. Value it, nurture the bond, but don’t forget to see it as somebody outside. You look at your mind as a friend who always reminds you of your stories you love your friend no doubt about it but don’t forget to have some time on your own. See it outside you as part of your outer nature which needs transformation. Accept it and acknowledge it but never give into its every demand. Co-exist and enjoy the bliss of life together.


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