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    Thank you for this initiative and your sharing at the conference, Aditi.

    This being’s outer nature answers to the name Matthias, identifies and presents itself in this context as a Psychologist (M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from Germany) who would like to conduct research at the University of Delhi, in Auroville, Pondicherry and wherever people are open to sharing their experiences with this walking, talking, first-person qualitative research instrument.

    Inside something aspires for a new psychology, its sources, experiences, processes, their potential to make useful and transform ego, relationships, communities, science, academia, applied psychology, …

    A proposal to further the exchange is to come together at a / an …

    Indian / Vedic / Integral / Greater / Future / Experiential / *something*

    – Psychology Youth –

    Conference / Un-Conference / Gathering / Seminar / Workshop / *something*.

    This event could be (un-)orgnanized, attended, presented, moderated and overall energized by “Youth” (aspiring students, practitioners, researchers, etc.).

    For more information on unconferences see:

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