Widening, deepening, heightening…

The Divine is, quite obviously, anantaguna, of infinite qualities, but there is a long tradition of distinguishing three major aspects of the Divine: the Cosmic, the Personal and the Transcendent. The ways by which these three aspects can be realised are quite different. The Cosmic Divine is found by widening, and amongst the three, this… Read More »

Two ways of applying Indian Psychology

There are two distinct ways in which Indian Psychology can be applied; there is a gradient between these two approaches, and many mixed forms are possible, but conceptually it is useful to distinguish them. The first could be called instrumental or pragmatic, the second essential or paradigmatic. In the first approach, decontextualised ideas and techniques… Read More »

How to do research in Indian Psychology?

One of the hallmarks of Indian Psychology is the central role it gives to consciousness. But how do you study consciousness? Consciousness is quintessentially subjective, and mainstream science does its level best to be as objective as possible. Can subjective and objective research be brought together in one single framework? During the last few hundred… Read More »