the golden youth cooperative

Just came out of a dream in which I visited the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.

When I just woke, I thought the place was very well-known, that I and many others had been there so many times; now more fully awake, I realise — though it feels upside-down to use the word realise for acknowledging the reality of a much greater falsehood — that, at least in my waking consciousness, I’ve never been there, and I doubt whether in the shared physical reality, anybody has: all humanity has seen over the last few thousand years are the most horrible deformations and distortions of it.

Just imagine the equivalent on the side of real Truth, Nobility, Light, Love, Beauty, of what on the side of falsehood, cruelty, darkness, hatred and ugliness was the Hitler Jugend.

It is really hard — now since I am fully back in my waking consciousness actually impossible — to imagine or even recollect what such beauty could be, because all we have seen — all that authors have been able to imagine in books and movies — are terrible, horrid deformations of it.

Imagine a spontaneous, completely “true” grouping of youth, with all the dynamism of youth, a spontaneous, collaborative union that is how to say, composed only of those who are completely luminous, without the least internal shadow or the tiniest impurity of darkness (in the sense that Mother describes of the people on the supramental boat). That joyous unity of youth is out together to do the works of true nobility.

This is really tragical and bizarre: for us words like “goodness”, “nobility”, “perfection” when used for a group only evoke images of their opposite: of terrible organisations of falsehood. But there in my dream, there was the genuine reality of nobility, light, goodness at a level of true perfection. It is really weird, for true goodness in our waking reality we need the graciousness and charm of imperfections, for “perfection” is always false in our world. How utterly false is our world…

Anyhow in that world, it was not like that. Just before coming out of it I saw it as a space in which there were a few rectangular blocks that differed in proportions, colour and radiance. The colours varied from a dark terra-cotta, a muted stone brown/red, through gerua, to yellow gold. The colours were not painted on the surface but through and through, and everything was self-luminous, radiant like molten steel. The shapes were all composed out of perfect rectangles — these “visuals” must have been a contribution from my mind’s sense of perfection, I guess!

The “golden youth cooperative” — this is the name I now give it, there were no words in that space; the first words that came up after I came out of the dream-space but when I still could see it, were true, gold and noble — that “golden youth cooperative” was full of energy, enthusiastically doing what is noble, true, light and good in society. The block representing it was the most bright, the most intensely shining, the lightest in colour, like yellow-gold. The other blocks were a little darker, a little more towards brown-red, though still self-luminous. All so incredibly beautiful, so completely “filled up” with such genuine harmonious perfection; there was absolutely nothing remotely wrong or evil. I can now say that that whole universe was built on perfectly pure, divine love,  but when I just came out of the dream the word love did not come up, I guess because it has itself become so polluted… Though Love is no doubt the essence of that place, the word “love” needs thorough “over-hauling”, cleaning, re-conditioning before it can be used again!

I’ve never seen anything remotely as beautiful.

2 thoughts on “the golden youth cooperative

  1. It will come very soon….
    the more i see an opposite, the more i believe in the existence of true love..
    I was in a negative mood.. and your blog gave me the great positive energy.. Thanks a lot !!

  2. Sounds or say, feels like a very beautiful place 🙂
    Hmm… Golden Youth cooperation … pls add me too to it if I’m eligible 🙂

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