On the darkest night
notes of a silent flute
play fire-dance in my heart.
The player sends his invisible breath
to hold me hush within its palm.
Following footsteps of its tunes
I grow invisible too.
One time I’m a bird
resting free atop tall walls.
Another, a foolish slave
drunk on a drop of love.
I’m lost to my world now.
Re-entered, I find a dance
in each exchange.
The lines that make things visible
are laughing at themselves,
bursting at turned-coat hems.
My dizziness blurts it out
that with pockets full of safety,
I was rotting
on an unreliable edge of the universe.
the sunset and the sky
grow brighter in my eyes.
And I know I have arrived
when I swallow them
and taste sweet drops
of their love-making
behind lit clouds of infinity.

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