the land is clueless

an invitation to get lost.
to leave yourself behind
and jump into the
stormy waters.

you’re in before you nod
waves fighting each other
to wash you clean,
stripping off the falsehood
you preciously built.

”hasn’t life taught you to
swim?”, asked the ocean.

you paddle confused,
tears adding to the weight
you carry.


somewhere in the noise
appears a boat
invisible to all but you.

before you can hop on
it lifts you over in silence.

hold on, it says
in a language clearer than words.

”the ride is just beginning!”,
laughs the ocean.

somewhere on the way,
a message floats in a bottle:
God exists,
with love,
your soul.


again and again
i dream of the land
i called home,
that turned into a
stranger overnight.

speechless, i jump
deeper into the ocean.

”the land is clueless”,
we both agree.


another message in a
bottle – as i read,
it bursts into stardust
throwing me high up
in the sky to fall back
into the ocean.

now i see
more like me.
some in the water
some naked
some clothed,
all searching.

a common theme
dazed and confused?,
we all nod.


are those sailors
offering us their

their language is
unique, a blend
of silence and

we get on their raft,
nervous, a secret is
passed around:
”this raft doesn’t move,
it is self-assured.”

”well, what will we
do here then?”
just be, they say.

the raft sheds its raftness
and grows into a cocoon.
time and space are forbidden

here we find a common
silver lining, enough for
each to hold onto.

”this is what we were
looking for!”, some say.


a letter comes our way
we are given a task:
together would you build
a vehicle for truth?

all that time on land alone
many forgot belonging…
a new invitation.

we start to build,
strength in many
all through one.

we draw maps and roads,
ideas meet to create some
more, breaking often into laughter
at what led us who are seeking,
not one like the other
to this special dwelling place
with clues scribbled on walls
that are greek to the mind.

we read, we read some
more, scratching in turns
together and alone,
at the surface of life
to see whats below.

is that a crack?…
we all rush through it
into a wider ocean
inviting us to be found.

here is an unending road…
you belong here,
says a voice,
so how can you be lost?


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