Tick-tocking clocks

No one is a stranger
nothing is new
since the wind chimes agree
it must then be true;
for everything I see
I’ve seen first before
but so long ago
the colours of the rainbow
and tick-tocking clocks
convinced us to enter
a game of forgetting.
Forgetful you forgetful me
now there’s two-three-four we see.
A secret question
right beside the play
waits forever on the sideline-
What were we before Time’s divide?

2 thoughts on “Tick-tocking clocks

  1. Hello Vikas.
    The poem reminds me of a forgotten secret that despite how seriously we take our separateness, we are all inherently a part of one indivisible source; all is a part of us and we, a part of all.
    I hope this helps.

  2. Hello navni can u plz explain your blog in little easier way plz I try to involve in it but am not able to connect plz ???

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